Kurious Kittens and Subsensuals Nipple Play WorKKshop

Kurious Kittens and Subsensuals Nipple Play WorKKshop

Kurious Kittens and Subsensuals Nipple Play WorKKshop

Kurious Kittens and Subsensuals Nipple Play WorKKshop

Nipple Play Workshop with Subsensuals 'Tuning in Tokyo'

Do you remember a time when going to "second base" meant an unforgettable erotic experience? How one awkward touch on your breast set the world on fire? Want to feel like that again?

The breasts and nipples are a key erogenous zone that often ends up overlooked. If "tuning in Tokyo" has been the extent of your nipple and breast play experiences, you may be missing out on a delicious expansion to your sex life that can be discovered during this class.

By understanding the connection between pleasure and pain, we open up a curious world of exploration. Breasts are a fantastic entry point to broadening your horizons when it comes to sexual play. Helaine Katz will step everyone from the curious to the experts on a wide range of fun activities that center around the nipples and breasts. From basic fun with DIY clamps to more advanced adventures in wax play and breast binding, Helaine guides you through what to expect, how to play safely, and how to deepen your understanding of your sexual self. And all of the tips and techniques are shown in class for any gender or relationship status.

About your host...
Helaine's work and focus is on the empowerment of our sexual selves. As a veteran of the BDSM lifestyle, Helaine brings a real-life perspective to dispel the myths out there and teach us all what infinite pleasures our bodies can provide.

Her fast-growing company, Subsensuals, was started a little over three years ago when a Domme approached Helaine wanting a product to simulate piercing the nipples without the commitment or fear of damage to the breast. This idea became the brainchild and baby for Helaine. It sparked the revolutionary patented magnetic enclosure that has become the cornerstone for the sensory jewelry line that now carries styles suitable for both the nipples and clit. The magnetic closures are available in varying strengths to suit many nipple and clit sizes as well as pain thresholds. This is jewelry to show off your sensual side both in and out of the bedroom.

In 2019, Helaine will be broadening her line of exciting offers. Stay tuned for what comes next!

What is Kurious Kittens?
Kurious Kittens is Killing Kittens little sibling. Sexy fun events to attend with your clothes ON. No below the waist bumping or nudity. Networking for new and existing KK members. Kurious Kittens is exactly what the name suggests. For those nights when you kind of want to just do it… But not really. Live burlesque shows and entertainment. Our PG branch of female sexual liberation.

Our different Kurious Kittens events include:

Kurious Talkk - open to both women and men dedicated to teaching you all something new
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Mantalkk - a mens only night for men to discuss real man stuff
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Kurious Nights - our social nights at venues around London designed for you to meet new people and have a fabulous Kurious night

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November 17, 2018
1pm - 4pm

Women – $50
Men – $50

Over 18

The V. Club

152 West 25th Street

#suite 602

New York, NY 10001

United States